'May be I was always meant to play the role of Jon Snow'

'Game of Thrones' fans may be excited for its second last season but it's one of the most popular cast members Kit Harington is feeling excatly opposite as he says he is going to miss the "madness" surrounding the show. The 30-year-old actor, who plays a fan-favourite Jon Snow on the HBO series, which will end with season eight, however, admits he is looking ahead to a quiet life once it gets over, reported Digital Spy.

"Maybe I can reinvent myself and get away from an image that's so synonymous with Thrones. But maybe this was the role I was always meant to play and that was it... "I'll enjoy the madness quieting a bit. I'd like a few years of relative obscurity," Harington said in an Esquire profile. He adds, "If I try and compete with Thrones, if I'm like, 'I need a Marvel movie, or the next big show on Amazon, or another one on HBO,' then I'm just setting myself up for one hell of a fall." The actor has promised the new season of 'Game of Thrones' will be "very different" in comparison to previous seasons because it is much more fast-paced.

"This season is really different than any other season because it's accelerating toward the end, a lot of stuff collides and happens much much quicker than you're used to seeing on 'Thrones'. It's so different than what everybody is used to. It's quite exciting," Harington said.

Producers insist the faster pace is not due to the shorter season, but because war is finally upon the characters. The seventh season is set to air on July 16.
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