These days, unconventional is new 'cool': Arjun Kapoor

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor was told at the beginning of his career that he is not "conventionally" good looking. But he says he's glad that unconventional is the 'new cool in the entertainment business.

He has droopy eyes and has faced comments regarding his weight. Asked about how he has dealt with such remarks, Arjun said, "As you know that Aditya Chopra gave me the first break, he made me aware of the fact that I am not conventionally good looking and that I have to achieve everything through my work. I think my imperfection makes me attractive and these days, unconventional is new 'cool'... You know what I mean?" From the day superstar Salman Khan identified his potential as an actor and urged him to work on weight loss, from giving auditions for his debut, facing a box office failure with Tevar to delivering a successful film like 2 States – Arjun had quite a bumpy ride in Bollywood.

Being a foodie, does he miss out on his earlier diet or look?

"Well, my cheeks are still chubby... That is God gifted, what to do," he laughed, adding, "I do not complain about my diet because I am leading a healthy life now. Earlier, because I was obese, I had health issues. I am fit now.There is a difference between being conscious and under confident. As a kid, I was the latter. I was a happy fatty kid who couldn't play football, basketball, couldn't talk to girls for dating... Because I was quite under confident. Things started changing when I focused towards becoming an actor."
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