'CBFC's disclaimer demand for Hindi medium debatable'

With the CBFC demanding ‘a work of fiction’ disclaimer for Irrfan Khan’s Hindi Medium, the actor thinks ‘the demand’ is debatable since the film is ‘inspired by real life incidents’.

Actor Irrfan Khan has said that the censor board's demand that his upcoming film Hindi Medium should be released with 'a work of fiction' disclaimer, is "debatable". Hindi Medium is a satire on middle-class parents' struggle to get their children into an English-medium school.

"If a film is inspired by real life incidents, the makers should say it is inspired by real life incidents. I think it is debatable (the demand)," Irrfan told reporters at a promotional event here. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) apparently wants the makers to carry the disclaimer as they feel the story may offend the educational institutions.

Directed by Saket Chaudhary, Hindi Medium is a story about how education that is supposed to be a tool of enlightenment has become a tool to create inequality. Irrfan says he always wanted to do a wholesome comedy film. "To make a subject, which concerns everyone in big cities, in comedy is really challenging. I haven't done a lead in a comic movie which is of every day concern. I enjoyed myself," Irrfan said.

"It is a comedy film where we have talked about the subject (of teaching in vernacular) in a healthy manner. Nowadays there are reputed government schools (in vernacular language). But we think English medium education is job- oriented." Irrfan, who also interacted with a group of children in Newtown School here, said, as artistes they just try to tell a story and he believes the message that it delivers should not be "underlined".

"It is like an art painting. Don't really underline the message. Let the audience draw the message for themselves," he told the students. Whereas, the actor believes the persona of cinema has changed and that's why schools and parents are willingly showing films to children.

"I never thought in my life that I will shoot a film inside a school as films were never welcomed in schools and watching them was not considered a good thing," Irrfan said. "But, today the persona of cinema has changed. Now those types of films are being made which parents can show to their children," he added.

"My experience shooting for 'Hindi Medium' was very smooth. I am thankful to all the students, who cooperated with us during the shooting. When you go to any school, you are reminded of your own childhood days. I really enjoyed shooting for this film," Irrfan said. Also starring Pakistani actor Saba Qamar Hindi Medium is scheduled for release on May 19.
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