Unprofessional people behind my absence from India: Dr Zeus

He debuted in Bollywood with Shah Rukh Khan's Happy New Year in 2014 but UK-based Punjabi singer-music producer Dr Zeus says he stayed away from the country for a while as he was miffed by the unprofessional behaviour prevalent in Bollywood.

The 41-year-old composer made his comeback to the Indian music scene after a hiatus of three years with the release of 'Party Nonstop'.
"I was put off by the way people work here. Someone creates something and someone else gets the credit for it. It got to a frustrating point where I thought I'm not going to bother coming to India. I though when they don't value what I do, it's not worth it for me," Zeus said. The producer, who last cast his music spell with the song 'Kamlee', says he felt insulted by the treatment he received in Bollywood.

"I was doing a song for Shah Rukh Khan's 'Happy New Year'. But I had a few bad experiences with singer Kanika Kapoor. I was kind of put off by that. "I have always been respected for the music I have made. I felt when I come to Mumbai, I'm not respected in the same way. But then I thought I'm not going to sit back and decided to come to Mumbai to prove a point," says Zeus.
The 'Kangna' hitmaker calls the collaboration with director Mohit Suri for the Jasmine Sandlas-Ikka song "a blessing". "I got a call from Universal saying that EMI and Mohit Suri would like to shoot the video for this song 'Party Nonstop', which I had sent to them a while back. "They told me that Mohit was going to shoot the video and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought finally someone started to take me seriously in Mumbai," he says. Zeus says he did not know Mohit personally but had a feeling he had great taste in music.

"I didn't know Mohit, but I knew about his films. I felt he had a great knack of picking great songs for his movies. "I might not know the names, but when you say 'Aashiqui 2', I know what you are talking about." The music producer says since they had a great time shooting the song, he is open to collaborating with Mohit on his future projects. Talking about the indie pop music scene in India, Zeus says the trend is on the rise with young artistes coming up with their kind of music.

"Everybody is trying to come up with their own version of pop music. If not for the movies, they will create their own personal songs. At least they'll be expressing in different ways. I think that will be a start of new creative field.

"Honey has not done much work lately. But when I'm in the UK, I can't figure out the difference between Raftaar and Badshah songs. Ikka really has his own style. Ikka has got his own style, own swag."
Zeus says his Indian fans will get to hear a lot more of his music this year.
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