Don't want to have free time: Elizabeth

The 28-year-old actor has admitted she "really loves" working and she doesn't like to take any time out of her busy schedule to relax, although she forces herself to take at least one week break in between each film to "decompress".

Speaking about her hard work ethic, the blonde haired beauty said: "I really love working. I think that's also part of the problem, because I don't want to have free time. I like to go from one film to the next to the next with just maybe a week or two in between, because that's all I really need to decompress."
And the Avengers: Age of Ultron star has admitted she was very keen to throw herself into every project that came her way when she first embarked on a career in the entertainment industry, although her excitement meant she didn't make "discerning decisions".
She explained: "I think I just got a little excited at the beginning, and I wasn't making the most discerning decisions.
"I think the first, I would say, four or five years of working, I was just so excited to be working. I was excited to do every kind of movie. I wasn't thinking, really, about the producers or the directors, the DP. My mind didn't work in that way. I wasn't even thinking about, 'What's a creative arc that I want to create for myself?' That has altered and that has changed."
But the star has since learned from her mistakes and makes more decisions involving her job prospects, and she has even decided to dive "a little bit" into the "development side".
She told "Now, I do feel like I have made decisions, even though it's almost impossible to compare and contrast 'Ingrid Goes West' and 'Wind River'. They were both projects I really wanted to be a part of, and I thought made sense for me, for what I want to put out there, that are completely different.
They don't have to be similar. It is interesting, and now I'm diving a little bit into the development side of things.
"It hasn't even been 10 years yet for me, but it's still a much more knowledgeable perspective now, obviously, than I had in 2012 after working for like a year and a half or something. I seemingly get wiser."
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