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Don't feel the burden to be consistently funny: Simon Pegg

Actor-comedian Simon Pegg, known for some of the most acclaimed comedy works like "Spaced", "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz", says he does not put himself under the pressure of always being the funny-man, even when he is aware that the audience expects that from him.

Pegg rose to prominence in the late '90s with the Edgar Wright-directed sitcom "Spaced", which the actor created and also starred in.

Over the years, the English star went on to feature in several other comedy films including "The World's End", "Friends" star David Schwimmer-directed "Run Fatboy Run" and the "Ice Age" adventure comedy movie franchise, in which he voices the character of Buck Wild, the one-eyed weasel.

In a Zoom interview with PTI, the 51-year-old actor said he cannot be one of those funny artistes who are forever in the switch-on mode.

"I don't feel the burden to be consistently funny. People do expect a certain something from you. My family, for instance, does not necessarily expect me to be funny, they often find me very unfunny to be honest. That pressure can come from within.

"Funny people who feel the need to be on all the time are probably battling something inside. I don't feel that way. I like being serious and quiet sometimes," he said.

Pegg returns to the "Ice Age" franchise with the latest animated adventure, "The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild".

The Disney+ Original movie is directed by John C Donkin and written by Jim Hecht, Ray DeLaurentis and Will Schifrin from a story by Jim Hecht.

The "Mission: Impossible - Fall Out" star said the global popularity of the "Ice Age" franchise -- which began in 2002 with its three principle and beloved characters Manny, Diego and Sid -- owes a lot to how sincerely it mirrors the realities of families across the world.

"It has been an ever-expanding family since the beginning when it was just Manny, Diego and Sid and right through all the other characters who have joined them. In a lot of ways it mirrors -- as crazy as it is --real-life families.

"Families are made up of different characters, opinions and a different way of looking at things. It is extremely nice that 'Ice Age' has been able to exist for so long. I feel delighted that we have come back for another one," he added.

In "The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild", Buck's thirst for adventure, especially hunting dinosaurs, has evoked the wrath of the dinosaur Orson, who wants revenge.

Pegg, who joined the franchise in 2009 said he was elated to be back for the film.

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