'Don't endorse and never have before'

Actor Amitabh Bachchan took to 'Instagram' to thank the popular Indian milk brand, 'Amul', for their latest ad campaign. He added that they had been continuously thinking about him throughout his Coronavirus-related hospitalisation. However, he also hit back at a troll who suggested that he was paid for the advertisement.

The megastar hit back by saying that he had never campaigned for the food brand and that his upbringing prevented him from saying unsavoury things. He replied in Hindi, "Bahut badi galat faimi mein chal rahen hain aap, miyan. Jab sach na maloom ho toh apne swachh mukh ko swachh rakhiye. Na toh main 'Amul' ko endorse karta hoon aur na kabhi kiya hain. Teer chalaane se pehle soch samajh lena chahiye, nahin toh woh aap pe hi aakar geerenge, jaise ki ab hua hai. Teer ki jagah jo mahawraa iss vishaye par woh kisi aur padaarth ka varnan karta hai. Meri sabhya parvarish ne mujhe uss ka varnan karne se rokk diya."

Recently, Big B responded to an accusation by a lady under his 'Facebook' post. The woman in question had alleged him of wrongly advertising for Nanavati Hospital, as she went on to share her bad experience in regards to her father's treatment. The 'Sholay' actor did not only sympathise with the woman but also rubbished her accusations. The 'Badla' star responded, "No. I do not advertise for the hospital. I want to thank them for the care and treatment that I got from Nanavati. I shall and have done it for every hospital that I have been admitted to. You may have lost respect for me, but let me tell you Jhanvi ji, I shall never lose respect for the medical profession and the doctors of my country.."

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