Don't bother about what others think of my decision: Anushka

She has achieved a lot in her nine-year-long career – be it working with Bollywood's top most actors or launching her own production house – and actor Anushka Sharma says it is because her decisions are not influenced by what others think. The 35-year-old star says she has always "followed her instincts" and done what she felt was right for her.

"When you don't come from industry the negative is that you get lost and you take time to get used to it (film industry) but the positive is you have no preconceived notions and you can go anywhere," Anushka said.

"I decided to be a producer at the age of 25 and everyone thought I was crazy. They thought when my acting career is going good why am I getting into production. As usually actor become producers when they don't have anything to do (in acting) which I felt was bizarre and stupid," she added. Anushka said she does not pay much heed to what other people say and rather believes in taking her own decisions.

"I don't do things to break stereotypes but I just follow what my heart says. I don't get scared easily. If I want to do something and I feel it is correct I will do it. I don't think what others will say or think about my decision."

Though, Anushka has tasted immense success in Bollywood, she says "the only time I felt good was when I bought my house." "I felt very accomplished. Of course, people notice you and all of that but I felt very awkward about it when that happened. I did not know how to react when people started recognising me".
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