Divya opens about being dropped from films

Divya Dutta opened up about being dropped from several films in the past. She said that she was initially hurt but she eventually learnt to deal with it and make the best of the opportunities she had.

In an interview, the actor said, "It used to feel like a huge sense of loss, coming and being rejected or being told on the phone that someone else has been roped in. I have been dropped out of many movies at the last minute so that hurts because you feel sheer helplessness because you know how good you could have been in that role."

Divya said that her mother helped her take the rejections in her stride.

"My mother used to ask 'Why are you upset?'. Then I would say, 'Mom, I have been thrown out of the film. Why? I do not know.' So she said 'Does that stop your life? Life never stops and tomorrow's another day.' In fact, it is strange that the people who have dropped me, I have worked with them a few years later with better roles," she said.

Divya said that it was important to make the best of the opportunities one got.

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