'Dependability an important reputation to have'

Mumbai: Actor Jacqueline Fernandez says she feels flattered when people say she is a dependable artiste.

Jacqueline has been a part of multiple successful films.

Asked how it feels to be counted among dependable actores, she told the media here: "If that's what people say, then I am obviously very flattered and its a very important reputation to have. I have been a part of big commercial films and I do identify myself as a commercial actor.

"I have been doing this for the past 10 years but still there is a long way to go."

Since Sajid Nadiadwala has announced a sequel to his hit 2014 action-comedy Kick, Jacqueline is excited about it but says the filmmaker is a perfectionist and is working on the script as of now.

On the sidelines of an event here, she said: "I think Sajid Nadiadwala is working on the script of the film. It is something that he has been working on consistently for some time and knowing Nadiadawala, he is a perfectionist.

"So he will not come to any of us without a perfect blockbuster script and we are giving all the time and space to him which he needs for that."

Jacqueline is also making her debut in the digital entertainment space with Netflix's upcoming original film titled 'Mrs. Serial Killer'. "It is a new territory for me, and not something that I am used to. I am used to theatricals, cinema halls and Fridays, but this is a completely new and interesting space for me."

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