'Democracy gives you right to ask a question'

Mumbai: A democracy gives you the right to ask a question, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap said recently after he was trolled for drawing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's attention to a social media post threatening his daughter with rape because of his anti-establishment views.

Kashyap said there should be a law against this kind of trolling, or someone in power should condemn such incidents "in the harshest words" to send across a strong message.

The filmmaker has filed an FIR against the troll who posted the abusive post about him and his daughter.

"A democracy gives you the right to ask a question. If I am intimidated for asking a question and later subjected to multiple attacks, I don't find such an atmosphere right," Kashyap told reporters.

The director hit the headlines last week when he drew Modi's attention to a right wing troll, who had abused and threatened his daughter with rape for his views.

"I am asked 'Don't you get scared while speaking against the government?'... I shouldn't be scared to ask a question," he said during the promotion of a new film, Game Over.

Kashyap said that he is not scared about threats when they are directed at him but, as a father, he needs to reassure his


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