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'Definition of a bubble is now etched in my mind forever'

Definition of a bubble is now etched in   my mind forever

After emerging as one of the most gripping thrillers from India with an International Emmy nomination for best drama series, 'Aarya' is set to hit the digital scene with season two. What makes it one of the most anticipated OTT series is that its trailer is rife with surprising twists. The key question its trailer raised is - 'Can Aarya Sareen escape her past or will her own family betray her, yet again?'

'Disney+ Hotstar', 'Endemol Shine India' and 'Ram Madhvani Films' are ecstatic to offer 'Aarya Season 2', starring Sushmita Sen in the role of an unwilling outlaw. Conceptualised and created for India by Ram Madhvani, the series is an official adaption of the hit Dutch series 'Penoza' by 'NL Film' (Banijay Group).

'Aarya Season 2' will be available only on 'Disney+ Hotstar' on December 10, 2021.

Ahead of the release of the second instalment of Aarya, Sushmita Sen opened up on her experience of shooting for the show amid the pandemic.

Sushmita shared, "We have become lockdown specialists now! We either release during a lockdown or shoot during it, that is our new thing! When we completed the shoot for 'Aarya 2', on our farewell, we said how blessed we were to be working during the pandemic. Some so many people had to sit at home, but this is also a nice culmination of teamwork. We had 'Disney+ Hotstar', 'Ram Madhvani Films', the entire crew and the cast together. Everyone just pulled in following the rules and making it possible."

"My God! The very definition of a bubble is now etched in my mind forever. For any crew member to work in a PPE kit, covered from head to toe for 10 hours a day is seriously tough! And the constant tests, making sure we lived away from our family, the quarantine for seven to 10 days before starting to work, all these measures initially seemed difficult. But in the bigger picture, we were full of gratitude to be working at such a time and being able to create something that you love. I mean, 'Aarya season 2' is a big leap from the first season!" she added.

Sen shared, "It is delightful to see the same series move with such pace and difference when you have already taken the story miles ahead and it was always used to be a question mark! Ram Madhvani used to say what are we going to do for the rest of the season? There is already so much and then he would say, wait for it, we have a lot of content and have a fantastic subject! So, working during the lockdown period was amazing, we had to shoot in Jaipur, which is Aarya's hometown and of course, patchwork was executed in Mumbai, so our schedule was executed pretty much through the lockdown."

'Aarya Season 2' follows the journey of a mother combatting the dark world of crime.

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