Cruise surprises Comic-Con fans with Top Gun: Maverick trailer

Los Angeles: Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise surprised the San Diego Comic-Con fans by presenting the first look trailer of Top Gun: Maverick, which he said was his "love letter to aviation".

The actor unscheduled appearance during Paramount Pictures's Terminator: Dark Fate panel to deliver the nostalgic trailer of the film, a follow up to Tony Scott's 1986 action drama Top Gun that made him a superstar.

Recalling that he shot Top Gun on the streets of San Diego, Cruise said, "For 34 years, you guys have been very patient with me, and I felt it was my responsibility to finally deliver for you. I have a little piece for you to see. This is our very first trailer. You are the first people in the world to see it and everything you see in this film, is obviously for real."

"I really wanted to give you a feel of what it is to be inside that aircraft. For me, Top Gun is about competition, it is about family, it is about sacrifices, it is about heroism and it is about aviation and I love aviation. It is a love letter to aviation," he added amid loud cheers from fans.

The film will release in 2020.

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