Crime drama is the flavour of the season: Divyendu

The release of 'Mirzapur' created a storm in the Indian web space two years ago. In the show, where there are not any good guys, Munna Tripathi played by Divyenndu V Sharmaa turned out to be the 'traditional' villain in season one.

In an interview, Divyenndu shared that in season 2, people will see a more 'human side' of Munna.

"Munna has got this self-belief that no one can do anything to him. He has this constant belief in himself that 'You are the man'. He thinks 'I can do anything and everything.' It was lovely to play Munna in such different settings and circumstances. I really enjoyed that change of scenario," the actor said.

Divyenndu was quick to add in this season that the audience should be prepared for 'even more bhaukaal' that people saw in season one.

Since the release of 'Mirzapur' in 2018, the webspace has seen many stories set in the heartland that does not hold back on the violence and gore. 'Mirzapur' seems to be the template for many such shows and so like many of its contemporaries, the show has come under the scanner for its violence.

When asked about the same, Divyenndu shared that in the OTT space, 'there is always a flavour of the season and right now, crime-drama is the flavour of the season. I think it is just a phase that we are going through.' Divyenndu added that people might soon

witness the phase for comedies around dysfunctional families or even fantasy.

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