'Creative differences make a song beautiful'

The singer–composer duo Sachet Tandon and Parampara Thakur, who is basking in the reflected glory of their recent blockbuster 'Bekhayali', find solace in composing music. They believe, composers give birth to a new creation in the music world and the joy they get from composing is incomparable.

"Unlike singers, who record the song and leave, a composer immerses himself and live with the creation. They start working on the song an year or two prior to a film's release – keeping in mind plot of the film, the lyrics and other essential aspects," Sachet Tandon tells Millennium Post during an exclusive interview.

While talking about difficulties in balancing the two jobs – singing and composing – at the same time, Sachet states, "We are right now focusing more on composing rather than singing as it comes naturally to us. We are looking forward to experiment with different styles and create quality meaty songs."

Ever since the duo was formed, it has composed various soul stirring melodies and received accolades for the same. But most successful duos/groups fail in the long run owing to the creative differences and clash of opinions. However, when it comes to Sachet-Parampara, it is an entirely different story. They believe that having creative differences in fact help in making a piece (song) better.

"We have created multiple melodies together but there has never been any clashes between us. Having said that, like any other duo, we too have creative differences and I believe it should happen to make a song better and beautiful. For instance, if I am singing a piece in lower pitch, Sachet would suggest me to sing it on a higher note. This is how we share and exchange our opinions," said Parampara Thakur.

The duo is currently wooing the audiences with their latest song 'Rararara' in Ajay Devgan's upcoming film Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior. Talking about the song, Sachet says, "We feel very fortunate about working in Tanhaji with Ajay sir as it will be his 100th film. Rararara song is a war cry with full of energy and motivations. Since there are only few war cries made in the history of Indian music industry, we feel blessed to have composed it in the span of six to eight months."

While asked about evolution of music over the years, Parampara says, "I think a lot of independent music is taking the centre stage. So many people want to take music as profession in today's time because their parents are supporting, which is great.

Also, social media has played a crucial part in the evolution of music."

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