Creating an industry of independent artistes

Creating an industry of independent artistes

To help the budding singers present their hidden talent and reach out to the audience, 'David and Goliath Films' came forward to help the singers.

After partnering with the 'Film Federation of India' in their online talent hunt initiative for aspiring actors from India and across the world, 'David and Goliath Films' turned their focus to new and upcoming singers.

Lal Bhatia, chairman of 'David and Goliath Films' said, "Music is a universal language of love and respect. It holds the power to wash away the stress of day-to-day lives and there are countless people with exceptional talent out there making tremendous efforts to become singers. Our one-of-a-kind initiative is open to all who feel that they have the talent but lack a good opportunity."

The first song under this project is a love song. Lal Bhatia added, "The track 'Tera Mera Rista' is sung and composed by 16-year-old Om (Ayushman Ghosh), with 20-year-old lyricist Rishika Sarawagi.

'Tera Mera Rista' is produced into a music video by 'David and Goliath Films', Lal Bhatia and Imran Zaki. The music video is creatively produced by Lal Bhatia and Indroneel Mukherjee;

It stars Richa Sharma and Sean Banerjee. The music video was conceptualised by 19-year-old Aashna Sharma. The music video's story, screenplay was written and directed by Soumojit Adak."

"We want to create an industry of independent artists. Although an aspiring singer may face several challenges when they start, it brings great compensation when one finally gets where they strive to be. All a singer needs to do is make patience their weapon, trust their abilities and make a substantial effort. 'Tera Mera Rista' is testament to that endeavour," said Lal Bhatia.

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