Carla Gugino recalls shooting for 'Gerald's Game'

Carla Gugino recalls shooting for Geralds Game

Los Angeles: Actor Carla Gugino says she was sceptical about starring in the film "Gerald's Game", based on Stephen King's novel which was considered "an un-adaptable book".

Gugino reunited with director Mike Flanagan for the 2017 psychological horror thriller movie. The film was an adaptation of a 1992 suspense novel by horror master King.

In "Gerald's Game", the actor and Bruce Greenwood co-starred as a BDSM couple looking to reignite their marriage, when their vacation goes awry after the husband dies mid sex act.

"It was always considered an un-adaptable book by Stephen King. Someone was attached to play the role before. So, from the moment that I spoke to Mike Flanagan to the moment we were filming ‘Gerald’s Game,’ it was literally two weeks. So, to come on to that role in that project, in which I was chained to a bed within that period of time, was a real risk. And I thought, ‘We’re either going to do something really special here or this is the end of my career’. You know what I mean? There’s no middle ground here. I’m so thankful that it was the former,” Gugino told web outlet ‘Buzzfeed’.

Since then, the actor and director duo have collaborated on 2018's "The Haunting of Hill House", the superhit ‘Netflix’ horror series, 2019's “Doctor Sleep”, another film adaptation of King's novel and "The Haunting of Bly Manor" series in 2020, again for ‘Netflix’.

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