Bieber donates $100K to fan's mental health charity

New York: Pop singer Justin Bieber donated $100,000 to a fan here who was raising money for mental health awareness.

Bieber was in the city promoting his upcoming album "Changes" with an appearance at MTV's Fresh Out Live event. And while in town, the "Yummy" star took the time to share a generous donation with fan Julie Coker, who was campaigning for the cause, reports

"I work for mental health now because of my own mental health struggles in the past. And it's important for us to talk about mental health because more than 50 per cent of us will have a mental health challenge in our lifetime," Coker told the New York Post.

She added: "Justin has a big following, so if he has a good message about mental health, hopefully everybody else... will want to start thinking about mental health in a different way."

Bieber has been open about his own mental health struggles, and notably took time away from the spotlight last year to focus on his personal wellbeing, amid a battle with Lyme disease.

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