Bebaakee: Kushal Tandon shines in this love triangle

The series does highlight the love triangle but other elements like the equations between different family members are beautifully shown

MUMBAI: We have seen many love triangles in Bollywood over time, and we often see the same story line being repeated in slightly different ways. Now, a love triangle with the elements of family relationships has been offered to us. Titled Bebaakee, this ALTBalaji series has talent like Kushal Tandon, Shivjyoti Rajput, Karan Jotwani, Sameer Malhotra, and Suchitra Pillai and has been directed by Muzammil Desai.

The series does highlight the love triangle but other elements like the different equations in the family are beautifully shown in the series.

The story starts with two families staying together without any personal problems with each other. Best friends Imtiyaz, played by Karan, and Sufiyaan, played by Kushal, love each other and can do anything for each other. They are like brothers. Sufiyaan is a go-getter in life and the head of a news channel. He can do anything to reach the top position. Then Kaiynaat, played by Shivjyoti Rajput, enters his life and challenges Sufiyan all the time. Sufiyan is someone who doesn't believe in love, but when he does fall in love, it is limitless. Moreover, we see a love story developing between Imtiyaz and Kaiynat. What twist will their lives take?

The screenplay is quick paced and never allows you to get bored. The direction of the series is decent too, and the Muslim culture is captured well. The sets are designed beautifully and look appealing.

Talking about the performances, the one name that takes the limelight is Kushal Tandon in the role of Sufiyaan. The actor has given one of his best performances. He looks amazing as the arrogant boss in the series. Newbie Shivjyoti as Kaiynaat brought freshness on the screen and is talented and beautiful. Karan Jotwani was decent on his part but had very less to offer.

The positive points are that the series focuses not only on the love story part of it but also the father-son relation, mother-son relation, and brotherhood. The performances of the leads are also great, especially Kushal as Sufi.

The negatives of the series are the dialogue delivery of the actress, which is a little too fast at times. Moreover, a few scenes are not really needed.

Overall, the series can be seen at least once for the leads and their spectacular performances and the portrayal of the different types of family relationships shown.

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