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B-town celebrities share their fondest Diwali memory

B-town celebrities share their fondest Diwali memory

Diwali is all about spending quality time with friends and family and doing everything that we love – eating lots of good food, playing games, lighting diyas and what not. The idea is to make some great memories that we can cherish forever. And trust me, it's no different for our favourite celebrities. So, this Diwali, we asked a few of them about their fondest memory of the festival. Read to know more

Jonita Gandhi

Diwali is a time to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and to me, it has traditionally meant family time. Diwali is a festival of lights, joy and lots of food. It's like we rejuvenate our lives with all preparation before the festivity starts. My fondest memory of Diwali was the way I grew up spending the day, enjoying time with my family, going to the gurdwara, celebrating with fireworks and food. Moreover, it has always been a musical Diwali for me as I always had performances around the time; and for a musician like me, that's the best possible way to celebrate the festival.

Rashmi Agdekar

The pre-Diwali preparations were the most exciting. Helping our parents in preparing faraal (special Diwali snacks), making lanterns at home and of course, spending time with friends and family are the most precious memories. Because of my schedule, Diwali has become that occasion of catching up with friends and dressing up. It has become more of an indoor affair. Celebrations have become symbolic and cozy, but I absolutely love that.

Seerat Kapoor

All through my growing up years we celebrated Diwali as a family together. I would be counting minutes before we would get down to the art and craft decors around the house, rangolis, fairy lights, wall art, torans etc. We would scent up the rooms and design our home with a variety of flowers and diyas. It feels the same except that the family has bu and large grown. Well! Least to say time management this part of the year comes handy.

Avika Gor

Diwali as a child was all about making rangolis, eating sweets, getting lots of gifts, going to relatives, bursting crackers and more. One of my most special memories of Diwali is of last year, when I spent the festival with my family, locked up at home. I could not go out because of the lockdown but we had a great time cooking for everybody, playing games and enjoying ourselves.

Guru Randhawa

Diwali celebrations are always about enjoying and removing any or all darkness from our lives. This year, as I'm away from home, shooting in the foreign lands, I will surely miss being with family and friends during diwali. Diwali brings the fondest memory from my childhood at Gurdaspur. As kids we used to visit our friends' homes to eat all the traditional food prepared during the festival. All our families and friends would come together to have a happy time.

Shilpa Rao

For me, the festival of Diwali has always been about spending time with family, friends and caring about those who are away from us. This is my first Diwali after marriage and I will celebrate it with Ritesh (husband), our parents and family at home. Most of the time, we celebrated Diwali while travelling or performing at concerts and I used to miss all the sweets and food prepared back home. But this time I am going to enjoy it all.

I remember my grandmother used to prepare Gajar ki kheer during the festival. We all used to wear ethnic outfits, share food with people around us and enjoy to the fullest. That, in fact, is my favorite memory of the festival. The best part is, even today, after all these years, we follow the same traditions- we make that 'Gajar ki Kheer' and enjoy it with others.

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