Atif Afzal set to make music for 'BBC' project

Indian composer Atif Afzal is set to make music for a 'BBC' UK project. He is excited about his new venture because it gives him scope to explore the authentic Australian aboriginal sounds.

Afzal had earlier worked on the popular American action series 'NCIS: Los Angeles', the fantasy horror series 'The Twilight Zone' season two and the German film 'Gift'. He also worked on the Hindi films 'Prague' and 'Monsoon Shootout' and also on the Marathi film 'Pune 52'.

"After I did my world music work for 'The Twilight Zone' in the US, I was approached for this 'BBC' project. World music requirements are on the surge, with top television networks such as 'BBC' and 'CBS' who demand such types of music. They are open to my music techniques and give me a lot of freedom to express," he said.

On his new assignment, he said: "This series will air on 'BBC' UK. I am working with Lucas Friedmann on this project. This time, I am composing authentic Australian aboriginal music."

Afzal also contributed to the music of Atul Kulkarni's 'Black Bud' and 'DNA of Love' starring Adhyayan Suman.

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