Anushka Sharma: Pandemic taught me we are all co-dependent

New Delhi: Actress-producer Anushka Sharma says the Covid-19 pandemic has taught her that all are co-dependent on one another even if it is clearly not seen.

"I think what this pandemic has taught me is that we are all co-dependent on one another even if we don't see it very clearly. The connection that all of us have -- right from a farmer to a person working at the topmost level in a corporate (organisation) -- everyone is connected in some way, and the work that one person does affects the life of another. So it's something like a Butterfly Effect," Anushka told IANS.

Everyone is connected to one another, stressed Anushka.

"I think this is something that we are sometimes ignorant of, and we think our life is autonomous, but it actually isn't. We are all connected with one another and this pandemic has taught us to appreciate one another so much more, and to appreciate the work that everybody does. I'm not only talking about the frontline workers -- their contribution has been extremely brave and we all feel extremely grateful for it," she said.

Anushka said that every job that anyone does is equally important, and they are all linked in a way.

"It is the realisation I've had through this pandemic and it has really made me feel way more humbled, and it has made me feel way more connected to everybody and every job that people do right now," she said.

"Because when everything moves along smoothly you don't realise the work that you are looking out for, something that you want to get done. You don't realise that so many people have to come together for it to happen. So many people's contribution and their expertise in that field helps you attain what you want to attain in life. This is the realisation I had during this pandemic," she told IANS.

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