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Anushka shares a note on dealing with grief

Anushka shares a note on dealing with grief

Anushka Sharma posted a heartfelt note on dealing with grief. The Bollywood actor uses her social media handles to give a glimpse into her life with husband Virat Kohli and daughter Vamika, apart from her work and vacations.

Anushka took to her 'Instagram' stories and shared a tweet by poet Hussain Manawer where he is talking about heartbreak.

The tweet reads, "To everyone dealing with grief I wish you so well man. This really should be a subject in school, to help prepare us for the ultimate level of heartbreak. It is insane that it is not, considering it is something everyone is going to go through at numerous stages of life."

In another post, Anushka posted a quote by Albert Einstein that said, "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

Anushka Sharma recently returned to Mumbai after accompanying Virat to the UAE for the T20 World Cup. The actor was seen holding Vamika, while also twinning with her husband in white.

Anushka, who recently talked about her daughter Vamika and her pregnancy in an interview with 'Grazia' magazine, said, "I find

her extremely determined. I feel that if she wants to do something then she is going to do it and I can tell that it is going to serve some purpose for her in life. It is nice to see that because I think I was like that too."

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