Anurag, Anil talk about leaving behind a tense history

Anurag, Anil talk about leaving behind a tense history

New Delhi: In an exclusive interview, Anil Kapoor and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap said that they had already left behind their tense history of unfulfilled projects to come together for the upcoming 'Netflix' film 'AK vs AK'.

During the initial stage of his career, Kashyap wanted to make two movies, 'Allwyn Kallicharan' and 'Grant Hotel' with Kapoor. However, both the projects did not come up in action due to the factors that were beyond their control, but it complicated their personal equation as Kashyap admitted that he used to blame Kapoor for the films not getting made.

The director further said that his views changed after he became a producer himself. "Initially, it is like, 'I have an idea and it is great, so somebody must make a film out of it and people must believe in it.' But it does not work like that. There are a lot of other factors that happen," added the filmmaker.

Anil Kapoor on the other hand said that he understood what Kashyap must have felt when the films were shelved. "I have also gone through this many times and I know the feeling when you are like, 'because of this person, the film is not happening.' It might be a director, producer, actor, or someone else. You go through these kinds of feelings and I could understand what he was going through," commented Anil.

This history between the two stars certainly finds a mention in the Vikramaditya Motwane-directed 'AK vs AK' that pits Kashyap against Kapoor in a clash of egos.

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