Anupam Kher releases book 'Your Best Day is Today'

Anupam Kher releases book Your Best Day is Today

Publication houses 'Hayhouse' and 'Penguin Random House India' are thrilled to announce the release of the book 'Your Best Day is Today' by veteran actor Anupam Kher.

The COVID-19 pandemic is considered as one of the most crucial global health calamity of the twenty-first century. It caught humankind like a deer in the headlights. All across the globe, people were unprepared to face this disease head-on. Apart from enduring the impact of the socio-economic and political crisis, everyone had to deal with the consequences of staying inside their homes without knowing what the future held for all. The severity of this disease forced all to become homebodies.

This phase has reminded all us that one must strive to find pleasure in life's simplicity. It has also taught the significance of the smallest of things people always took for granted. As humans, it is their tendency to leaving things for tomorrow and this crisis has made them realise that the best day to do anything is today.

'Your Best Day is Today' is a compendium of experiences, lessons and positive takeaways that will help the readers deal with the dark times in their life. It is a guide to getting in touch with the inner self and finding solutions to the problems that arise with adapting to changes in life. It is also a reminder of how people are not alone and there is always a way to make the best of any situation life throws.

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