Anangsha Biswas: I have known depression closely

Mumbai: "Mirzapur" and "Hostages" actress Anangsha Biswas says she has known depression closely and cites "lack of self-worth" as reason for the mental state.

"If you are sensitive, emotional, then depression is not something one can avoid, so yes I have known depression closely," Anangsha said.

"My poor self-esteem, lack of self-worth (were the reasons). I didn't know how to love myself, didn't value myself. Hence, other people's notions about me would either make me happy or sad. I am a shy person and a simpleton at heart, a knowledge seeker," she addded.

Anangsha says she often felt like a misfit and found herself to be lonely. "I was in a very dark place," she pointed out.

"I am and I was always told I am a good actor but I was hardly even called for auditions. All these things amongst others used to eat me up from inside. The crest and trough of life made my heart bleed," she said.

She shared how she overcame the disorder. "Firstly, the best thing about me is I don't like to be a victim. Hence I wanted my pain to stop and I realised only I can help myself. So, I sought help from my elder sister and father," she recalled.

Yoga and meditation helped her. "Knowing myself, knowing my self worth, loving myself, and talking to myself helped. Loving yourself, accepting yourself, working on your mind, healing, reading about depression and how can one cure it, is the key. A healthy mind catapulted to a healthy life," she said.

Anangsha said that soon she became her own "best friend and my life coach".

"Loneliness evolved into productive alone time. I now enjoy being a misfit," she said.

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