Amaal reacts on being trolled

Mumbai: Singer-composer Amaal Mallik engaged in a 'Twitter' battle with fans of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. The singer took to the social media to share that he respects Salman for launching him, but he will not tolerate negative behaviour from his fans and referred them as 'Bhaitards'.

"Aaj duniya ko dikh gaya what is the aukaat of these uneducated 'Bhaitards'. It all started with me saying that Shah Rukh Khan is my favourite actor and these idiots went crazy. I respect Salman Khan for the launch he gave me, but that does not mean I will take anything bad from his fans or any one," tweeted Amaal.

The singer also wrote on 'Twitter', "Nice to see that the 'Bhaitards' are reporting my tweets and deleting theirs! I hope that people make sense out of this. You cannot force people to change their choices as you have yours and I have mine. Kitni baar likhna padega ki mujhe nahi pata. Lagta hai yeh log thakte nahi insult hoke bhi!"

In a separate tweet, the singer-composer clarified that his 'Twitter' account was not hacked.

It all started with a user tagging Amaal in a tweet and wrote: "Amaal Mallik bhai be safe. Bhai is on the way." The tweet carried a picture of Salman Khan driving a car.

Composer Anu Malik's nephew Amaal Mallik made his Bollywood debut as a composer back in 2014 by composing three songs for Salman Khan's film 'Jai Ho.

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