Adhyayan's films shelved due to 'groupism'

As the nepotism debate rages on after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, actor Adhyayan Suman feels that the bigger problem is 'groupism'. He claimed that a number of his films were shelved due to the 'power dynamics' in Bollywood and box office figures of his films were distorted in the media.

In an interview, Adhyayan said, "Power dynamics and groupism are there in the industry since years. It happened to me too. My 14 films were shelved and also the box-office collection figures as my films were projected wrongly. People have not paid attention to this earlier. It is very unfortunate that we required a Sushant Singh Rajput to commit suicide for people to realise."

Adhyayan, the son of television host and actor Shekhar Suman, said that camps in Bollywood do not allow the growth of talented actors.

"People who are blindly fighting or talking about nepotism, I would like to say that do not fight on nepotism but fight for groupism, camps that exist in the industry and the production houses," he said.

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