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There have been many films where Indian officers go to catch terrorists and stop attacks – Commando 3 too is on a similar line, but what makes such films different from others is the action, acting and the screenplay

After Commando 1 and 2, Vidyut Jammwal as Karanveer Singh Dogra is back with Commando 3 and this time his mission takes him to London. We have seen many films where our Indian officers go to catch a terrorist and stop the attack. The pattern of such films are almost same in all the films. Commando 3 too is on a similar line, but what makes such films different from others is the action, acting and the screenplay. As expected the film does have some terrific action sequences and doesn't disappoint.

The story is about Buraq Ansari (Gulshan Devaiah) who is brainwashing the youngsters and is all set to launch a big attack in India. However, it is unclear when, where and how the attack will take place in India and that's when Karanveer Singh Dogra comes in. Our commando man figures out that the enemy is planning the attack from London and so he lands in London with his team. His team includes Bhavana (Adah Sharma), Mallika Sood (Angira Dhar) and Armaan (Summit Thakur). The cat and mouse chase between Karanveer Singh Dogra and Buraq Ansari is interesting to watch.

The only good thing about the film is the action. The film has some impressive action scenes and some of the action has been choreographed beautifully. Not only Vidyut's action scenes but the makers should be applauded for giving some kick-ass action to the females, Adah Sharma and Angira Dhar, they blow your mind with some brilliant action. Gulshan Devaiah's performance as a barbaric terrorist is par excellence. He has uniquely presented himself as the antagonist.

What doesn't work in favor of the film is the bad storyline. There is the hero who has to fight the terrorist and save the country that's all. In such a simple story there are some twists and turns but fail to keep us engaged. Looks like Director Aditya has tried to rely on the action as that is the only strong point of Vidyut. Whereas, Adah Sharma as the Hyderabad tries to bring some comic relief but fails to do so. Mark Hamilton's camerawork could have been far better and neat. The first half of the film is interesting however the second half fails to keep up and dips completely. The writing Darius Yarmil and Sandeep Kurup's editing flounders at places.

Rounding things up, Commando 3 is a decent watch especially for those who have been waiting for impressive action. Gulshan Devaiah steals the show as the antagonist. Overall, Commando 3 is good in bits and pieces and can be only watched for its high octane action.

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