Acropolis Mall celebrates 5th birth anniversary

Kolkata: Acropolis Mall, India's one of the premium malls, celebrated its 5th birth anniversary, recently with the launch of 'Ya Devi,2020' season 2 of Ms Blooming Kolkata.

'Ya Devi 2020' aims at providing a platform to womenfolk to showcase their talent in makeover and other aspects of life with aplomb. It is a sequel to MS Blooming Kolkata 2019 as its objective is to promote the talent of belles of Kolkata. It is aligned energetically with debi pakkho and this time is to manifest women's inherent strength with her full potential. Acropolis will recognise this inherent strength of women who have been managing their families, household chores, family, children and office work simultaneously, beating this unprecedented pandemic.

The contest will continue till September 30. The registration will follow grooming sessions on digital platform by the panel of judges and renowned models. The crowning will take place at Acropolis Mall on October 4.

Amid the beats of dhaks and enthusiasm, Sushil Mohta, Chairman, Merlin Group inaugurated 'Ya Devi 2020' by lighting dia at Acropolis along with the associated admins of social media groups and the invited pageant winners gracing the judges panel. Arkana Paul Chowdhury, Winner of Ms Blooming Kolkata 2019, Anwesa Chakraborty- Miss Plus Size India 2019, judge of 'Ya Devi 2020'. Sangita Sinha- Mrs Asia Grand Universe 2019 and judge of Ya Devi, 2020, Sinjini Biswas, administrator of the social media group 'Glamorous Without Guilt', Doyita Mukherjee , the creator and admin of Belle Tales , Sohini Chatterjee , administrator of 'Makeup, Style and Beauty! A Lifestyle Choice!!!', Gargi Singh , social media influencer and creator of Club House ,a social media group have been present at the launch of Ya Devi, 2020.

Commenting on the initiative Sushil Mohta, Chairman, Merlin Group, developer of Acropolis Mall, Princeton Club, Ibiza the Fern Resort & Spa and state of the art residential properties said, "I am delighted to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our Acropolis mall specially because we have been able to beat the covid blue together and the economic downturn. We are happy to have witnessed increasing footfall of enthusiastic shoppers who are on their shopping spree as Durga puja is just one month away. We take care

of personal safety and hygiene measures in a stringent manner at Acropolis. I feel that Ya Devi 2020 , is a goodwill gesture of Acropolis to

nurture and recognize the true essence of our daughters and sisters who embody Goddess Durga in right spirit. I wish all the success to participants."

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