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A trip down the memory lane

A trip down the memory lane

'Hum, rahen ya na rahen kal… Kal, yaad aayenge yeh pal…'

These lyrics will always hit differently now, as Bollywood singer KK left the world on May 31, 2022. His songs like 'Aankhon Mein Teri' ('Om Shanti Om'), Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai ('Gangster'), 'Pal' album, 'Dus Bahane' ('Dus') not only resonated with the kids from the 90s and contemporary times but also gave his fans fond memories to cherish.

From shaking legs on 'Dus Bahane' to crooning romantic numbers, KK's diehard fans shared their personal memories linked with his songs.

For a young teacher like Tanishka, KK is 'more than his songs'.

"As a singer, KK gave us the treasure of our lives. He was more than his songs - he was an emotion for kids like me from the 90s," she shared, adding, "As heart-breaking as it is to accept his death, there is one moment that always makes me smile. On my first day as an English professor at my alma mater college, I was walking towards the staff room while humming the tunes of 'Aankhon Mein Teri'. Suddenly, my ears perked up hearing a man crooning the same song in the auditorium. To my shock, it was my crush from my college days who already was a music professor there and was actually waiting to give me a special surprise. As corny it sounds, KK's song brought me back to my old crush, who is now my fiancé!"

"After losing my best friend due to cancer, 'Pyaar Ke Pal' was the only song that soothed me in my bad days. KK's untimely demise feels like a personal loss. It's as if I have lost yet another soul friend," lamented Riya, another true fan of the singer.

As an emotion, KK will not only remain eternally in our hearts but will also remind us of those heartfelt feelings engraved in every lyric of his songs.

"When Emraan Hashmi's 'Gangster' released, the track 'Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai' became a rage in my school time," smiled Ashwin, who recalled one hilarious moment related to this romantic track.

He added, "All the boys of my class used to tease the girls from another section before the assembly. One morning, things got crazy funny when my classmate crooned the song to tease a girl from the same section outside her classroom, only to realise that there was already a teacher in that classroom!"

As Delhi is getting relief from summer heat thanks to rainy weather, KK's romantic hits set a pleasant mood for 29-year-old dancer Ruma.

"I feel 'Labon Ko' from the 2007 film 'Bhool Bhulaiyaa' is pretty much an underrated song. After the film's release, this song used to come on TV and there wasn't a single day when I didn't enjoy listening to it while enjoying heavy rain showers with a cup of coffee on my balcony. Even so, I always danced to the track at my dance academy before students' arrival," she shared.

"It was only a few days ago when I and my cousins reminisced about our performance on 'Dus Bahane' at my friend's bachelor party in 2020," said Kunal, a 26-year-old gym trainer.

He shared, "The moment we were done with our dance, a debate began whether the old version is better or the new one. It soon turned into a heated argument! This is how KK has left a legacy that feels so personal."

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