A regrettable, unintentional oversight

A regrettable, unintentional oversight

Mumbai: Reacting to the poster controversy of her upcoming movie 'Madam Chief Minister', actor Richa Chadha on Friday said it was an "unintentional oversight" and it was regrettable.

The film's poster, which was released on January 5, was slammed by many on social media for apparently showing the Dalit community in a stereotypical way as Chadha's character is shown holding a broom in her hand.

Some users had also taken umbrage over the use of the word "untouchable" in the poster.

In a statement, Chadha said the film has been a "learning experience" for her.

"The first poster that was released faced severe criticism, rightly so. What to me was a mere prop used by my character in a scene, came across as a stereotypical portrayal of Dalits for many of our people," the actor said.

Though she had no role in the designing of the film's poster, Chadha said the makers have taken the criticism in their stride.

"They realised this inadvertent error and took this criticism in their stride. They responded immediately by retracting the objectionable poster and by releasing a new poster the very next day.

"It was a regrettable and a completely unintentional oversight, not a deliberate insinuation. We are sorry. Our heart is in the right place. Hopefully you will see that for yourself when you watch the film," the actor added.

Chadha stressed that the team has honest intentions behind the movie and they all have contributed to it with love.

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