A new lease of life

A new lease of life

Playback singer Chandana Dixit, known for her popular songs like 'Shahar Ki Ladki' and 'Chumma Chumma', is on cloud nine as her recreated version of 'Husn Hai Suhana' from Varun Dhawan-starrer 'Coolie No 1' continues to top on the listeners' music playlist.

We interacted with the singer to know her take on the re-making of her song and what she thinks about the remixes being made out of the old songs these days.

"The experience of recreating my song was pleasant because it got a second lease of life. I'm glad that young audiences also got a chance to listen to it. Keeping in mind the youth sentiments, the song was changed mainly in the music area to make it more upbeat with more tempos," says the singer on her experience while recreating her own song.

So then what makes the latest version different than the previous one?

"The treatment made all the difference in the new version. Since the makers did not want to change the actual vocals, they did not want us to necessarily come and re-sing the song again. Abhijeet Bhattacharya's vocals were kept as the original vocals. From my side, only the beginning mukhra had to be re-recorded for the song's opening because of some problem on the tape. But the rest of the antras were the same. Only the track was changed as they wanted to make it sound very contemporary. So, all the work was done in the music's recreation, while the vocals and the lyrics were just the same," explains Chandana.

Speaking on the remakes being made of the old songs these days, Dixit shares her opinion: "To a large extent, remixes do lack the old touch. I feel that the old songs' melodies are so good that even today they are so light. However, if we look at the positive side, the younger generation can enjoy the re-invented songs as they are comfortable with the beats and tempos. For instance, my children do not want to watch old movies even though the story is great. I tried to ask them why they dislike watching them, to which they say it looks different and feel uncomfortable. So maybe that is the basis for why these remixes are being made."

At home, Chandana has engaged herself by working on musical projects.

"I'm currently working on two fusion projects. I'm also making independent music by using styles which I enjoy - Sufi, ghazals, folk and old traditional thumris - something which is close to my heart. So hopefully, everyone will get to hear them soon."

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