'A film should not be made just for awards'

Mumbai: After the acclaimed Kadvi Hawa, actor Sanjay Mishra is back with yet another film that trains focus on the issue of climate change. Turtle, which casts Mishra in a lead role, recently won the National Award for Best Rajasthani Film. It has also garnered acclaim for its unflinching gaze at water crisis.

Although films such as Turtle receive critical acclaim, they never get enough exposure, and the actor believes that the government should take up the responsibility to release these films widely.

"As an actor I feel I am responsible to tell an important story through the film I become part of, and Turtle is an important film for me. Climate change, and resultant water crisis, is a big topic of conversation globally. So while a National Award makes us happy, the film will serve its purpose when it is released widely for the mass audience," said Mishra. "In a small budget film, coming from an independent filmmaker, it is not possible financially to get a wider reach unless we get government support, because releasing a film is an expensive affair. These films have the potential to create awareness among common people. So, it is important these films are not just made, taken to festivals and awarded. Such efforts should be viewed by commoners, to let them form their views on climate change," he added.

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