30 artists from across the world to join in World Rain Day celebration

July 29th is World Rain Day; Earth Day Network India is organising a celebration of Rain through a 90 minute collection of artists inspirations. There will be 30 artists from 20 countries participating in the event, which will be broadcasted from various platforms worldwide on July 29, 8 pm IST, including from Earth Day Network India's Facebook page.

Karuna Singh, Earth Day Network's Regional Director Asia said " Art is a powerful means of communication. We hope that Earth Day Network's Rain day commemoration informs viewers about the need to help global warming by lowering their carbon footprints". Earth day Network Ambassador, Bombay Jayashri who is participating in the event through her music said "Rain, megha shravan… even the word is so beautiful! Lets pray that this rain bring us positivity, cheer and shringaaram.'

The digital presentation has classical, spiritual, folk and pop music. Recitations, narrations of historical memory, cartoons and dancers will also be featured. Internationally renowned artists include Estusha Grinberg from Mexico, Michelle Dilhara from Sri Lanka, Alena Murang from Borneo, among others. Indian artists include Anantha Krishnan on mridangam, Soumik Datta on the sarod, Jasbir Jassi, Sourendro and Sounyojit, Surojit Chatterji, Joy Shankar and Tritha Electric.

Celebrated thumri and folk singer, Malini Awasthi has sung a folk song from Uttar Pradesh describing nature. She said " We in India celebrate all Nature. Nature is at its resplendent best during the rains, and in the rural areas, the village belles deck themselves up to welcome the clouds, and sing "kajris" The song I have sung is about that.

'God of Violin' Dr L Subramaniam is also shared, "Rain is one of the most important things for all living beings; Earth Day Network is creating more and more awareness about the importance of water." Grammy winner Ricky Kej, said " Pretty much every musician ever, any where in the world, has written at least one song inspired by rain." His contribution to the presentation is for children.

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