English (H), B.Com top DU wishlist

This year, English (H) witnessed maximum number of takers. The total number of applicants, who applied for the course, was calculated at 90,331 out of the total 2,91,817 applicants in the university. While, B.Com is also not far behind with 71,505 applicants applying for the course. Surprisingly, B.Com (H) has witnessed lesser applicants than B.Com (Pass). The number of applicants who applied to B.Com (H) were calculated at 68,866. 

One of the most popular courses, Economics (Honours) also witnessed a drop in the number of applicants this year. Only 63,264 applicants were registered for the course offered by the university.

This year the eligibility criteria for applying to both B.Com (H) and Economics (H) was changed. Mathematics was made a compulsory subject for aspirants applying to the courses in order to be eligible for the same.

Students, who studied Mathematics as a subject in their class XII but did not include it in the calculation of best four subjects, were eligible for the <g data-gr-id="51">above mentioned</g> courses.

“The change in eligibility criteria this year, could be one of the reasons for the lesser numbers for Economics (Honours) and B.Com (H) in comparison to B.Com (Pass),” said an university official.

Science subjects have always been popular amongst the students who apply to Delhi University. This year too, there were a huge number of applications made to the core subjects in science stream. B.Sc (H) in Chemistry saw as many as 66987 applications. B.Sc (H) in Mathematics was not far behind with 66,586 applicants applying to the course. B.Sc (H) in Physics and B.Sc (H) in Computer Science witnessed 62,685 and 50,317 applicants respectively.

<g data-gr-id="63">Bachelors</g> in Political Science (Honours) and Bachelors in History (Honours) also features in the top 10 most popular courses in Delhi University this year with as many as 56,408 aspirants applying to Political Science (H) and 47,088 applicants applying to History (H) respectively.

“This year the total number of male applicants was higher than that of females. The total number of males who applied to the university was 1,69,731 while female applicants were 122020,” added the officials. 

The university also saw an increase of 86 percent in the number of transgenders who sought admission in the university, with as many as 66 transgenders have applied. 

The number of applicants belonging to the category of disabled candidates also saw an increase of 70 percent with a total of 1,031 candidates from a 600 odd number in 2014.
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