Emma Stone regrets deleting all of her emails

The 26-year-old star whose personal details were published on WikiLeaks <g data-gr-id="19">recently,</g> said she overreacted to the breach of privacy, reported Los Angeles Times. "I did one of the worst things ever, which was react really quickly," the Birdman star said.

"I was getting all these emails and texts from people I didn't know, 'Hi, I'm Joe from the UK I like your movies', and I was so overwhelmed that I went to my inbox and I deleted all my emails.

"In about a 30-second span, I hit 'select all' and 'delete forever,' and thousands of emails, like six years of emails, are now gone forever. I was just so freaked out that someone was in there," she said.

Stone, who will be seen in the upcoming film Irrational Man, said "it was horrible" 
and she "cried for like an hour." 
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