Emma Stone didn’t have back-up plans

Actress Emma Stone says she was determined to come to Hollywood and be an actress, but had no back-up plan if her dream failed.

‘The truth is that I didn’t have a back-up plan. When I moved to Hollywood, I was arrogantly confident that I could be an actor,’ quoted Stone as saying.

‘I didn’t really consider any other option, but you know what I would have loved to do? Be a journalist. Because probing into people’s private lives is pretty much what an actor does. And imagine getting to interview people like me. It can’t get much better than that,’ she added.

Stone, who appeared in films like The House Bunny and Ghosts of Girlfriends and hosted Saturday Night Live, won’t mind writing her own material.

‘I would really love to write my own material, particularly because there just aren’t enough roles for funny women out there,’ said the 24-year-old.
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