Drunk driver gets 20 days in jail, fine of Rs 2,000

A man held guilty for drunk driving has been sentenced to 20 days imprisonment by a Delhi court, which said that he did not deserve any leniency as he was endangering not only his life but also that of others. Dismissing the appeal filed by the south-west Delhi resident Surjit Sharma against the trial court order, which had also imposed a fine of Rs 2,000 on him, District Judge Deepa Sharma observed that the alcohol content in his blood was much higher than the permissible limit. ‘Surjit was heavily drunk as alcohol content as per his analysis report was found to be 440 mg per 100 ml which is extremely higher than the permissible limit which is 30 mg per 100 ml,’ the judge said. Refusing to show any leniency, the court directed that Surjit, who was driving his car in a ‘heavily drunk’ state, should be taken into custody to serve his sentence. ‘By driving the car so heavily drunk, he not only was endangering his own life but also the life of other road users. He deserves no leniency. The appeal stands dismissed. Surjit is taken into custody to serve the sentence,’ the court said. Seeking dismissal of Surjit’s plea, the prosecution had said that he was apprehended driving his car in an inebriated state on the night of 3 October, this year at Mayapuri here.
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