Drop social sciences, learn self-defence: Bassi

The fear of getting hit back is one of the biggest deterrents for culprits. I urge all parents and schools to educate girls on self-defence from an early age of seven or so,’ said Bassi speaking at an interactive session on ‘Women safety’ organised by the FICCI Ladies’ Organisation.

‘By providing self-defence training to girls we can create capacity among women to defend themselves,’ he contended. He said Delhi police is in talks with several schools of the city to include self defence training in their curriculum and parents should also urge their girls to learn self-defence skills.

‘Drop social sciences if needed, but keep self-defence classes for girls. For this, a massive campaign is needed and help has to come from the media, activists, corporates and all sections of society,’ asserted Bassi. 

As per records of Delhi police, in the first half of 2014, already 984 rapes were reported in the city. Last year, 1636 rapes were reported, which is a little less than thrice the figure in 2011, which counted 572. The records shockingly reveal over 82 percent of rape cases happen either in the residence of the accused or the victim. Delhi police has added around 2000 women officials to the force after the Nirbhaya case. And a certain proposal is being considered, which shall further strengthen the police force by 15,000 more women officers. 
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