Don't touch my feet, try to be good MPs, says Modi

Issuing a new directive against the culture of sycophancy, Modi asked his party’s newly-elected lawmakers to shun the practice of touching his feet and that of other leaders. According to sources, Modi was referring to new MPs who had touched his feet when they met him and asked them to work hard as Parliamentarians. His stance can be seen as an apparent dig at Congress workers, whom the BJP has often targeted for their alleged ‘sycophancy’ towards the Gandhi family.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Sumitra Mahajan, an eight-time BJP member of Parliament, was formally elected Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

In his twenty-minute speech prior to the starting of the session, Modi stressed that MPs must remain in touch with the people at the grassroots and not lower their guard. He said that the BJP was no longer in the opposition and its MPs had a far bigger responsibility in taking the message of the government to the grassroots level and highlight its programmes.

Modi reportedly also emphasised that the MPs must ‘work hard and study hard’. He wanted to drive home the point that BJP’s members of Parliament must always be well prepared before speaking in the House and must have the ‘right perspective’ on issues so as not to strike a discordant note or one that is not in line with the party’s views.

He also advised MPs to refrain from giving comments to the media on national issues. 
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