Don’t tag me as child actor, says Harsh

The art of acting consists in keeping people from coughing’- Ralph Richardson, The Observer.
And so does <g data-gr-id="63">actor</g>, Harsh Mayar, 17, with a National Award in his kitty already, for I am Kalam, perceives as he speaks to Millennium Post. “Do not tag me as a child actor,” he detests. “I feel an actor should not be categorized as <g data-gr-id="62">hero</g>, heroine or child artist. ‘Actor’ is what the designation should be,” says the performer, who has given more than 200 auditions in his career till date.

With movies like, I Am Kalam, Jalpari, The Desert Mermaid, Chaarfutiya <g data-gr-id="46">Chhokare</g>, Desires Of the Heart, Garam Post Bharat, TV shows such as Gumrah Season 4, Commercial theatre play Paigamber and Short films such as Untitled-The words left unsaid, Harsh feels his journey has just begun.

Having started acting at a tender age, this talented actor says he always wanted to be an actor, which landed him in the theatre world, at Sri Ram Centre, Mandi House, where his parents could not afford to pay the fees. His maternal uncle recognized his talent, when he was <g data-gr-id="59">8 year old</g>, and sponsored him. “I don’t call myself talented. I call myself gifted. And that’s where a belief in a higher power comes in. Since childhood, whenever I tried my hand at any art, it came easily to me. But when I tried to study, I failed miserably,’ he says.

With awards like, 58th National film Awards For Best Child actor, River Rock Award Best Actor in Silent River Film Festival, for I Am Kalam, Special Mention for Best Actor in 17, International Children's Film Festival India for I Am Kalam, Best Actor in Minsk International Film Festival, Harsh idolizes what he sees in his surroundings. “Every human being is special, there is so much to learn from every single person I meet, hence I try extracting the qualities from different beings.”

Talking about the pressures faced by actors his age, Harsh explains, “Some people criticize the parents of actors of our age for allowing their children to work, believing that more ‘normal’ activities should be the staple during the childhood years. But I observe that competition is present in all areas of human life and believe that the work ethic instilled, proves invaluable later.” <g data-gr-id="54">Thus</g> he wants to perform a role which is something different. He wants to do something which is unique. 

“I would like to perform the role of abnormal children who are not good looking and have physical or mental deficiencies. They should feel after watching the movie that they too can do better in life,” said the 17-year old actor.

“I have always admired Shah Rukh Khan. I somehow relate to him because he once belonged to Delhi and I also belong to the same city. I am in search of a role...something different which people have not seen earlier...the role should be challenging...<g data-gr-id="44">may be</g> something like a child psycho. I would like to perform the role of a boy who is abnormal but smart,”….and  he signs off.
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