Don’t mind being called brat: Jennifer

Oscar-winning actor Jennifer Lawrence is not worried about being called a ‘brat’ if the term is used to explain her assertive behaviour.

The 25-year-old Hunger Games star, who is an advocate for equal rights for women in the film industry, is happy to be referred to by the derogatory term if it means she is “assertive and has a voice”. “Even after I wrote it, I don’t remember the website, but they called it ‘Jennifer Lawrence’s bratty display.’ And I was like, ‘Thank you for completely making my point.’ If a woman speaks up, is assertive and has a voice, she’s going to be called ‘a brat.’ I don’t see a man being called ‘a brat’.”  Lawrence recently penned an essay about women’s rights. The actor said she only did it to address her “own fears” . “I hoped to just write about my own fears of how am I going to be portrayed? Or how am I going to look? How will people judge me? Obviously the men in the movie don’t think that way.”

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