‘Don’t blame cricketers for all ills’

Inderjit Singh Bindra, former president of the BCCI, has taken exception to the board imposing severe restrictions on players and by inference blaming them for all the ills in Indian cricket. 

Bindra is livid with the present board dispensation and accused it of distorting even minutes of Monday’s working committee meeting here. Bindra, who made one of his rare appearances at the last two working committee meetings after three years, is particularly unhappy with the way his friend Jagmohan Dalmiya tried to find fault with only the players for all the untoward happenings in the IPL. 

‘In the meeting, Jagmohan Dalmiya had read out from a prepared text to state that the mobile telephones of players should be impounded before they enter the Dressing Rooms and also ask them to furnish their Bank Accounts and other Telephone numbers. He thundered that cheerleaders, after-match Parties and owners’ entry to the dug outs should be banned from both the IPL as well as the upcoming Champions League,’ Bindra wrote on his blog.
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