DND witnesses traffic snarls as party workers throng to welcome minister

The DND flyway on Tuesday witnessed massive traffic snarls for nearly three hours when scores of Samajwadi Party (SP) workers gathered at the toll booth to welcome Madan Chauhan, the newly inducted Minister for State of the UP government. The traffic movement between Ashram Chowk of national Capital to Film City of Noida was almost paralysed and it took at least two to three hours to cover the 7.5 km stretch. Noida Traffic Police and DND staff took two to three hours to resume normal traffic.

Around 11 am, more than one thousand party workers reached the plaza along with 400 motor cars. They parked their vehicles at the Delhi-Noida toll gate and its surrounding vicinity and waited for the minister for nearly two hours. 

In the meantime, traffic movement between Delhi and Noida went from slow to stagnant in a short while. Traffic movement between Ashram Chowk in Delhi to Film City in Noida was near paralysed and its cascading effects were witnessed on other roads connecting both the cities. The party workers did not care for the traffic police and traffic marshalls deployed by the DND authority. The traffic chaos ended when the minister departed from the flyway.

Talking about the traffic snarls, the SP leaders said that though they are concerned with the problem but they want to greet the minister while crossing the border of Delhi. 

“As DND falls near the Delhi-Noida border, we have no other option to gather at the plaza. We had informed the DND operator and traffic police earlier about the function and it is their duty to make necessary arrangements to avoid traffic snarls,” stated a local leader of the party. This is not the first time when SP members have blocked the DND, they had also done so on the same stretch while welcoming other UP ministers too.

As we noticed traffic jams on the carriageway, scores of traffic personnel were deployed and the jam finally moved after 1 pm when the party workers left the plaza. 
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