Didn’t make fun of Kat: Johar

Karan Johar is sure having a ‘moment’ or two with Bollywood actresses these days. Well, not exactly in the way you are thinking of. Media reports recently suggested that the director, who turns 40 on 25 May and is busy preparing for the party which friend Manish Malhotra is organising, had supposedly taken digs at Katrina Kaif.

According to reports, Johar had made fun of Kaif ’s poses in magazines which he said were boring. However, the director on Sunday denied any such thing. ‘Absolutely crazy media report suggesting I have said something about Katrina! I have not! Its totally baseless and a lie,’ the 39-year-old posted on microblogging site Twitter.

‘Katrina is not only a dear friend but also a supremely talented and hard working megastar!!! And all this reportage is ridiculous!!!’ he further posted.
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