Didn’t ask for bomb detectors: Delhi Police

With home ministry blaming Delhi Police for excess procurement of Portable Explosive Detectors (PEDs) for Commonwealth Games, the force has said it is ‘unfair’ to hold it responsible for the purchase as it had ‘clearly’ stated that it did not require the equipment. The Delhi Police has written to the ministry clarifying that it had informed ECIL, which was procuring items, Steering Committee (CWG) Special Advisor and the home ministry that PEDs should be ‘deleted’ from the list of equipment to be procured for the 2010 Games, sources said.

The home ministry has told Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), which is looking into CAG report on irregularities in CWG, that the Delhi Police did not raise issues regarding the purchase of PEDs during the Steering Committee meetings during which decisions were taken.

The PAC had asked the ministry ‘why were the equipment procured when the Delhi Police had refused to use them?’ In response to the note sent to the PAC, the sources said, the police have also requested the ministry to put the facts before the Parliamentary panel.
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