Device to track down snipers developed: DRDO

To protect VVIPs from snipers, DRDO says it has developed a laser device which can detect and locate potential assassins hiding behind windows with their hi-tech rifles.

‘We have developed a device called the Optical Target Locater. It is a portable laser-based device for detection of optical and electro optical threats. It can help the agencies looking after VVIP security to locate snipers and spies trying to follow their high-value targets,’ DRDO’s Laser Science and Technology Centre (LASTEC) Director Anil Kumar Maini said.

He was showcasing the systems developed by the Delhi- based lab on its raising day last week.
The LASTEC director said the device has been developed and successfully test evaluated for optical targets up to a range of 300 metres.On the funtioning of the device, he said a laser beam is released from the equipment which scans the designated area and the moment it hits any device such as a telescope, binocular or the telescopic sight of a sniper rifle, the location of a sniper can be detected.
‘The best part is that the sniper would not even know that he has been compromised and he can be apprehended,’ Maini said.

The security agencies deployed for VVIP protection are already using imported equipment for scanning the areas being visited by the VVIPS.

‘The equipment used by these agencies is almost two to three times more expensive than the device developed by us and they have shown keen interest in the product developed by us,’ Maini said.
NSG chief JN Choudhury, who was present at the raising day, showed keen interest in the equipment developed by the lab, saying such devices can be of immense help to security agencies.

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