Delhiites swear by metro: study

A decade has passed since it changed the way people travel and majority of Delhiites still prefer Delhi Metro as the best way to commute in the capital for fear of getting caught in maddening traffic jams and a slew of other reasons, a new survey says.

Saving time, punctuality of the trains, reserved coaches for women and behaviour of Metro staff are some of the reasons that have made over two million commuters still stick to Delhi Metro, which is also credited with instilling civic sense among people of the capital.

The survey done by Marketxcel to measure service quality and assess customer satisfaction with Delhi Metro also throws light on some of the areas where the modern transport system has to walk the extra mile to keep its passengers a little more happier.

Conducted with participation of 5,000 people, the survey found 34 per cent feel that much time can be saved on the Metro while more than 3/5th of the respondents found the travelling experience favourable.

‘Nine out of 10 people were satisfied with the accuracy of announcement during the travelling and with the functioning of light and AC. 65 per cent claimed travelling in Metro is faster and hassle free journey,’ the survey says.

The survey conducted between 12 November and 26 November at nine stations coincides with the completion of 10 years of operation by Delhi Metro.

Delhi Metro, which began its operation with just 8 km, today has a network close to 200 km and carries over 2 million people a day.

When contacted, Delhi Metro spokesman Anuj Dayal said Delhi Metro has been working to balance out all its capabilities to maximise customer satisfaction in the past 10 years.

Other features that got a thumbs up from passengers were the wide network, conversion of four-coach trains into six-coach ones, adequate information and display of maps and station and behaviour of Metro staff.

While passengers were all praise for Delhi Metro on various aspects, they also have some grievances and want them to be addressed for much more hassle-free ride on the modern transport system.

One important issue among the negative things that commuters are worried about is the presence of men inside the womens’ coaches during rush hours.

‘Compartments designated for women only have been introduced in all metro trains by the DMRC but the ladies commuters feel and cite instances when men board those also the same are cited to be crowded during peak hours,’ the survey said.

People surveyed also wanted more announcements inside trains and stations, at least one lady officer to handle cases related to women and more security personnel.
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