Woman ends up murdering older husband in a bid for a "happily ever after" with paramour

New Delhi: Incompatibility, age difference, greed for property led a woman to kill her husband. Police said that the woman along with her paramour strangled her husband to death and then tried to pass it off as her husband having passed due to a chronic illness.

The woman, in her thirties, and her boyfriend Karan (20) were implicated in the case. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Rohini) PK Mishra said that the incident came to light on Tuesday when they received the Medico-Legal Certificate (MLC) of the victim. "The MLC mentioned hanging. Statements of the deceased's close relative were recorded. However, the deceased's wife kept changing hers from one version to another. Her body language was also not apparently looking in a state of sorrow or pain," DCP Mishra said.

Moreover, in her later versions, she insisted that her husband was ill for some days and had died due to his chronic suffering or illness. This version of hers was in absolute contrast with what the deceased's MLC had revealed. Besides this, a ligature mark could also be clearly noticed on the neck of the deceased.

Police said that the woman eventually broke down and spilled the beans on how she had hatched the conspiracy with her boyfriend to eliminate her husband. She further revealed that she met a person identified as Veeru Burma through her sister in Muradnagar. In a short span of time, the two of them developed a penchant for each other and finally developed illicit relations.

After that, the woman would often visit Veeru's home, where his younger brother Karan also met her. Soon after, they also got into a relationship and fell in love with each other. As the woman's husband was insisting that she return, she took Karan along and introduced him as a cousin brother to the deceased.

"Falling head over heels in love, the woman, Karan and Veeru decided to eliminate the woman's husband and live happily thereafter. They hatched a conspiracy to finish him by adulterating his food with doses of poison," DCP Mishra said. On Tuesday, while he started losing his consciousness, felt dizziness and anxiety after eating the food, the woman and Karan used a stole to strangulate the deceased and purportedly concocted a story of his chronic illness.

A team led by Inspector Khemendra Pal Singh SHO (Budh Vihar) made the arrest. "She revealed that she was unhappy with her husband due to incompatibility issues and due to issues of a massive age gap of 20 years he was not able to fulfill her physical desires," the official said. Moreover, she wanted to transfer the property of her husband to herself and according to her in-laws, she would often get into unnecessary altercations with her husband.

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